These are organizations and people whom SSCC officially endorses and partners with. If you would like more info on our partners click their image. If you wail like info on being a partner of SSCC, email

Local Partners

  • Centered For Life


    Centered For Life

    <p>Centered for Life is a counseling group that exists to create environments of grace & restoration to promote healing & growth for individuals, couples, and families.</p><p>912-268-4488</p>

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center

    counseling & medical

    Care Net Pregnancy Center

    <p>Care Net provides free pregnancy tests and peer counselors for women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation. They also provide Bible studies and training on childbirth, pregnancy, and parenting skills.</p><p>912-267-1100</p>

  • Living Well Ministries


    Living Well ministries

    Living Well uses interactive groups to employ a
    discipleship process that helps individuals address obstacles to abundant life in Christ.


  • Children In Action

    afterschool mentoring

    Children In Action

    CIA is intentional in building relationships, through sports and tutoring, with children ages 7-12 and equipping them to make healthy choices for their lives.


  • Manna House

    soup kitchen

    Manna House Soup Kitchen

    This local mission serves a noon time meal 6-days a week to the needy. Serve on the second Wednesday of each month with the SSCC team. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC for more info.

    (912) 634-2960

  • The Gathering Place

    para-church student ministry

    The Gathering Place

    Over 30 years of developing Christian leaders out of the students in Glynn County. Known for their large summer outreach events, internship programs, and small groups during the school year.


  • the Remedy Project

    addiction counseling

    the Remedy Project

    Bringing hope and healing to addicts and their families through faith-based counseling and education.

    (912) 580-7679

  • HIS Ministries

    community support

    HIS Ministries

    Demonstrating the compassion of Christ through material assistance, resources, and discipleship in the impoverished neighborhoods of Brunswick.

    (912) 222-6011

  • The Grace House

    women's sober living

    The Grace House

    A peer support, 12 step residential recovery program for women only. They help women get sober and become self supporting.


  • Tim Harden, FCA Brunswick

    student athletic ministry

    Tim Harden, FCA Brunswick, GA

    The goal of FCA is to equip, enable, and empower student and athlete leaders and coaches to influence their campus for Christ.

National & International Partners

  • CRU - Travis & Sonja Todd

    Southeast Asia

    CRU - Travis & Sonja Todd

    Based in southeast Asia, the Todds are helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, then go to their families, their communities & all over the world to tell others about God’s love.


  • Tammy

    Orphans in the 10/40 Window


    Taking in children from HIV affected families, that have been abandoned, or have been orphaned. Raising them "to know and love Jesus, to be people of prayer and to make a difference in their country. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC.


  • Much Ministries

    Haitian Community Development

    Much Ministries

    MUCH Ministries exists to inspire and empower individuals, families, and communities to move from a mindset of poverty to a posture of abundance through education, creativity and practical life experiences.

  • Tab Smith Ministries

    Native American Outreach & Development

    Tab Smith Ministries

    Provide theological education, especially to those who would otherwise go without. Their main calling is to serve a network of indigenous churches on the Navajo Reservation located in the SW United States.


  • Cafe 1040 - Rachel

    unreached people groups

    Cafe 1040 - Rachel

    Mobilizing young adults to reach the people living in the 10/40 window of the globe. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC for more information.

    (912) 634-2960

  • Faithful Servant Missions

    Costa Rican Outreach

    Family Servant Missions - Morris Family

    FSM seeks to serve those whom society has forgotten in both Costa Rica and Panama.

  • Jubilee Kids

    Haitian School & Nutritional Program

    Jubilee Kids

    Dedicated to supporting ministries in Jubilee Blanc, Haiti. Their focus is supporting the Jubilee School (Academie la Saline), Nutrition Program, and Klinic Jubilee.

  • CLM - Emory Wilson

    Haitian Reconstruction

    CLM - Emory Wilson

    Through Christian Light Ministries, Emory is helping restore home in SW Haiti that were destroyed during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. He is currently working with over 200 families. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC for more information.

    (912) 634-2960

  • Sons & Daughters

    Southwest Asian Ministry

    Sons & Daughters

    The sending branch of K-Ministries. They exist to empower, equip, and encourage the young people of K-Ministries as they spread the good news in the 10/40 window. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC for more information.


  • Feeding the Orphans

    Orphanage in Ghana, Africa

    Feeding the Orphans

    An orphanage in with homes in south Ghana in the city of Accra and in north Ghana in Bolgatanga. Daddy Paul and his staff help provide for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the children. Contact Mark Fritchman at SSCC for more information.

    (912) 634-2060

  • Beautiful Harvest

    Serving the Navajo Nation

    Beautiful Harvest

    Beautiful Harvest, started by SSCC family members Justin & Ashli Galloway, serves indigenous churches of the Navajo Reservation by assisting with identification of needs, after identifying community needs they create smaller ministries to meet those needs.