New Creation

Have you ever heard someone say that they feel like a brand new person, or they have turned over a new leaf? Often times when someone says this, they are referring to a drastic change in their thoughts, actions, and attitudes. Did you know, however, that in scripture, there is a promise that you can actually become a new person? Now before your thoughts run wild, I do not mean that you can all of sudden become George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba or Julia Roberts. God specifically created you just as you are. The promise to become a new person does not mean God will change us on the outside, but it means He will change us on the inside.

The Bible tells us “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17). This is the promise for a new lease on life. The phrase “new creation” refers to a fresh work of God. Jesus said that He makes all things new. This is the very heart of what it means to be a Christian. It is much more than having a mental belief or acknowledgment of God and His Son Jesus Christ. True Christianity involves a life-changing encounter with Jesus where we are made new and whole. An encounter with Jesus Christ should change us. We should never be the same again.

As Jesus makes us into a new creation, He also gives us a fresh start by wiping away our sins and failures. Doesn’t that sound good? Jesus Christ can give you a new lease on life.
When the scripture says, “the old has gone,” it is the promise of forgiveness and freedom from the past. God can so drastically change us from the inside-out that we are no longer bound by our old dreaded patterns and impulses. Becoming a new creature in Christ does not mean that we become perfect or incapable of wrong doing, but it does imply that we have a new nature and power given to us by God.

So how does one become new on the inside then? How can we allow God to do this work? The scripture says that those who are “in Christ” become new creations. The phrase “in Christ” describes a person who has truly entered into a relationship with Jesus as they believe and receive Him.

First, we must believe in the person of Jesus Christ. Scripture declares that He is the divine Son of God. He came to earth and led a sinless life. Ultimately he gave his life and died for our sins on the cross. Finally he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven where he rules and reigns. There are some of the major points of the Christian faith.

Many people believe in Jesus but there lives have not been changed. This is because scripture calls us to believe and receive. We must not only have head knowledge of Jesus, but we must also have a heart response to Jesus. John 1:12 says “To all who received Him (Jesus), to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” We have the right and privilege of becoming God’s very own children as we believe and receive Jesus Christ. To receive Jesus means to acknowledge one’s sin and need of forgiveness and to invite Jesus into one’s life and heart to become forgiver, leader, and Lord. To receive Christ involves completely committing one’s life to Him.

When Jesus comes into one’s life, however, he makes all things new. I will never forget when Jesus stepped into my life almost 20 years ago. I became a new person from the inside-out. What about you? Are you the same old person? Or has God made a new you? And that’s the Word.