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From cradle to college, SSCC mile markers are a resource for parents to use as they shape their child’s heart for God. Each mile marker will give families specific tools to navigate the challenges of children and youth and to prepare young people to become active members of the community in which they live.

Mile 1 – The Starting Line (0-5 years)

The SSCC family ministry team will come alongside parents to help them strategically navigate their children through the challenges of the culture in which they live. As soon as the parents are ready, the preparation for SSCC Child Dedication Celebrations will begin for children 0–5 years old.
Child Dedications
• Held 2 times a year during Sunday morning services
• Each family having a child dedicated works with an SSCC Family life Coach
• Watch 3 short “homework” videos
• Discuss the questions that are posed on the video with your family
• For more info: Child Dedication

Mile 2 – Yield to jesus (5-18 years)

Celebration of Baptism
Throughout the year, children are given the chance to share stories and celebrate baptism in front of the church body at a variety of venues at SSCC.

Child Navigation Guides
These age-appropriate maps help parents to guide their children as they become ready to yield to Jesus:
• 1st Grade Navigation Guide
• 2nd & 3rd Grade Guide
• 4th & 5th Grade Guide

Mile 3 – The Road Ahead (9-12 years)

This stage in your child’s life can often involve detours, roadblocks and speed bumps. Emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically, your child is having major developments. This season is an important time for parents to realize the way they speak with their children about spiritual things is changing.
Road Trip
With guidance from SSCC, families are encouraged to take each one of their children on a meaningful road trip. This is a very exciting and casual way for families to speak into the lives of their child and discuss what it means to become a teenager. Details coming soon. If assistance is needed immediately, please contact Justin Davidson at justin@sscommunitychurch.com

Mile 4 – Right of Way (9-12 years)

It’s difficult for teenagers to make wise choices about purity in a hostile culture. Young teens are bombarded with pressure to compromise in this area, and it can have devastating effects on their futures. We want to give Biblical guidelines to help teens differentiate between secular norms and what God has intended for purity. Parents, teens and youth leaders will connect in a variety of ways to discuss sex and sexuality from God’s perspective.
Purity Weekend
One weekend a year families attend a casual get together at SSCC, led by the SSCC family team to discuss the issue of purity with families. Details coming soon. If assistance is needed immediately, please contact Justin Davidson. justin@sscommunitychurch.com

Mile 5 – Objects Closer Than They Appear (15-17 years)

Getting their driver’s license, preparing for prom, college and career choices are just a few of the adventures your child will experience during this season. Finding other trusted voices who can widen the circle of influence and speak valuable truths to your child will be indispensable.
Family Led Dinner
Each child has significant adults in their lives, parents will gather these adults together for a special dinner where the student will be celebrated by family and friends sharing stories, blessings and encouragement. Details coming soon. If assistance is needed immediately, please contact Beau Swafford at beau@sscommunitychurch.com

Mile 6 – Keep Moving (16-18 years)

This guides teens through the realities of life after high school. During the graduation season, students will learn how to defend their faith and how to become a more influential Christ follower. Lessons on money and time management, etc. will also be covered.
Grad Night Dinner
• The Youth Ministry Team and Families come together to celebrate this final Mile Marker.
• Families will read letters to the graduate.
• We will also recognize graduates during the adult services on Sunday morning.
Details coming soon. If assistance is needed immediately, please contact Beau Swafford beau@sscommunitychurch.com

Contact members of the Family Team:

Mark Fritchman, Family Pastor :: mark@sscommunitychurch.com
Pam Scoggins, Director of Nursery & Preschool Ministry :: pam@sscommunitychurch.com
Jim Towson, Children’s Director :: jimt@sscommunitychurch.com
Mary Margaret Curtis, Associate Children’s Director :: marymargaret@sscommunitychurch.com
Barby Westmoreland, Counselor and Family Life Coach :: barby@sscommunitychurch.com