Each week, when a communicator provides questions, we will update them on this page and keep the past few sets of questions available.

Apr 22, 2018 :: Burned


  1. What effect has busyness played in your life?

  2. Are you currently experiencing rest & peace or busyness & stress?

  3. What points hit you most in the message?

  4. What is God saying to you about burnout and what are some steps you can take in response to help you grow?

  5. How can your group keep you accountable in this?

Apr 15, 2018 :: BURNED

  1. Who has been the most significant human voice in your life and how has that shaped you?
  2. How secure do you feel you have been in your identity through your life? How has this affected you in life and relationships?
  3. What is the biggest lie that you have believed?  How has this impacted you spiritually, emotionally, and relationally?
  4. What is the truth that you need to own and believe as you move forward.
  5. What do you honestly feel your Heavenly Father is seeking to tell you about you?

If you feel comfortable as a group, let each other confess your lies. Repent and renounce them each individually, then pray for each other for healing, and bless one another with God’s truth in your lives.

    Apr 8, 2018 :: Burned

    1. What about the 4 areas of your life have left you feeling burned? Success, relationships, integrity, and impact, do you still feel this way? 

    2. How has the Lord brought healing and/or deepening in your dependence on the Lord?

    3. Is it hard to trust the Lord when you're going through difficult seasons? Why or why not?

    4. Look at the scriptures used in the message, how do those speak to you when you're in a difficult place in life?