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Reach In – Groups

Groups are a huge part of life at SSCC. We encourage everyone to Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out and “reaching In” is done in a small group. You may have heard us say that “circles are better than rows.” Rows are where people sit in large numbers, like a weekend service. Rows provide little opportunity for connection, little opportunity to be known, little opportunity for accountability. Circles are where people sit in small numbers, small groups. They present consistent opportunities for people to connect with others with teaching, encouragement, accountability, fellowship, and in some situations discipleship. From Biblical electives to smaller, home-based groups, SSCC offers a number of group opportunities for you to “reach in” and connect. Check our announcements to find out when new groups are forming or new studies are starting or email justin@sscommunitychurch.com

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Groups Overview

Short Term

Long Term

Care Groups

These groups have set end points and are usually based on specific studies. These could be men’s, women’s, or co-ed studies.

These groups do not have defined end points. Home groups are out most common long term groups but we also have men’s and women’s groups that are long term. Many of these groups form out of short term groups.

These groups are based on need and our abilities to meet them. Currently there are two care groups meeting regularly at SSCC: Grief Share for those dealing with the loss of a loved one, and Family & Friends for Recovery for those with loved ones battling addiction. Please contact us if you are looking for support of any kind and we will get you connected somewhere.

Groups Team

Jon Blankenship
Discipleship Pastor


Justin Davidson
Groups Pastor


Upcoming Groups Options

We have groups running all the time. This is a list of groups that are new, short term, or open for anyone to join right now.