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About Us

St. Simons Community Church began with a group of committed families on Easter Sunday in 1996 and has grown into a thriving church of over 2000 members and regular attenders. Our goal is to create an environment that produces godly character in the lives of men, women, youth, and children. We seek to provide practical and biblical encouragement for everyday life here on St. Simons Island, Brunswick, and the rest of the Golden Isles.

Our Mission

Making Christ followers who live to make a difference…

The bottom line is changed lives!

Our Strategy

The strategy of SSCC involves making Christ followers who live to make a difference by equipping them to Reach Up to worship God, Reach In to grow together, and Reach Out to make a difference at SSCC, our community and the world.

Reach Up: Worship God

First step with SSCC is to come to SSCC worship services.

Reach In: Grow Together

First step with SSCC is to join a group to grow with other Christ followers.

Reach Out: Make A Difference

First step with SSCC is to serve at SSCC, in your community, and world.

Our Core Values

In the process of making Christ followers who live to make a difference... we are committed to and guided by the following values:


We will honor God’s Word above the traditions and opinions of men.
The Bible is our ultimate authority and guide for life and faith. We will seek to teach it and live it so as to inspire God’s people with a love for God’s Word.


We want to stay completely and utterly dependent upon God!
God’s grace and power will accomplish far more than the best of our human efforts. More than methods, God will use men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit!


We are a welcoming family of faith committed to Christ and one another.
Our family values love and laughter, informality and spontaneity, grace and hospitality, and commitment and loyalty as we follow Christ together.


We seek to be authentic and real in our pursuit of Jesus.
People need a life changing relationship with Jesus, not mere religious tradition. Rules and rituals cannot change a person, but Christ changes us from the inside out!


We believe Christ followers need Christian community to fully grow.
The optimal place for life change is in the context of a small group that seeks to Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out together.


We will take risks & make sacrifices to reach people who don’t know Christ.
The unchurched and unsaved matter to God, therefore they should matter to us. The bottom line is changed lives.


We are spiritual contributors, not just spiritual consumers.
Christ followers live with purpose, making a difference in our church, community and world. Our lives are to be marked by service, sacrifice, giving, humility, and love.


We believe the greatest win is to multiply ourselves & raise up disciples.
We will reproduce and replace ourselves by apprenticing and discipling others in order to make mature Christ followers and leaders who live to make a difference.


Our church family is only as strong as our individual families at home.
Healthy families are a priority for our elders, staff, and entire church body. We should love and care the most for those who are called to walk with us for a lifetime!